Rural Generalist Pathway

Rural and remote medicine in Australia is unique. Rural Generalists bring a wealth of skills and experience to the diverse communities and locations in which they practise. Much like the tight-knit communities they serve, Rural Generalists are resourceful and resilient. Doctors who choose the generalist pathway thrive on providing an extended scope of practice. They are required to be adaptable, perceptive medical practitioners who think outside the box and have the ability to work in a range of environments. Rural Generalists are highly valued and appreciated by the communities they serve, which makes for a truly rewarding career. 


The Rural Generalist Pathway WA Coordination Unit has been established to help to facilitate the transition for rural generalist trainees through the various educational and training components for the first six years of postgraduate training. The Coordination Unit also partners with existing organisations to enhance the professional experience in regional, rural and remote locations for rural generalists. Once on the pathway, each trainee will be assigned a mentor who is an experienced Rural Generalist, provided with individualised career navigation, connected to our network of stakeholders and given priority access to requisite courses. Trainees are also eligible for ongoing professional development opportunities.


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