Coordination Unit

The Rural Generalist Pathway WA Coordination Unit works closely with local and national stakeholders to ensure that the Rural Generalist Pathway WA is aligned with the National Pathway. The core function of the Coordination Unit is to help to facilitate the transition for rural generalist trainees through the various educational and training components for the first six years of postgraduate training. The Coordination Unit also partners with existing organisations to enhance the professional experience in regional, rural and remote locations for rural generalists.


The Coordination Unit offers:

  • Experienced rural generalist mentors,
  • Individual career navigation,
  • Training gap analysis,
  • Priority access to courses for college training programs,
  • Eligibility to apply for financial support through mentoring programs (obstetrics, emergency and anaesthetics),
  • Connection to our extensive network of stakeholders,
  • Ongoing professional development support.


The Coordination Unit comprises the central and regional teams. The teams work together to streamline the pathway for rural generalist trainees. Each WA Country Health Service region has a Rural Generalist Director of Clinical Training (DCT) and a Medical Education Officer (MEO). The DCTs and MEOs are an integral part of rural generalist trainees’ medical education experiences by providing individualised support, supervision and counsel. 

Last Updated: 10/04/2024