Dr Gia Cavalieri, Kimberley Region

Moving to the Kimberley to work as an RMO at Broome Health Campus has been an incredible adventure for me. The country up here is spectacular, unlike any other part of Australia I’ve travelled to. I would certainly recommend the Kimberley to anyone who enjoys an outdoors lifestyle: swimming at pristine beaches, four-wheel driving and weekly camping trips all become part of the routine. Whether it’s cycling, volleyball, frisbee, Friday Run Club or salsa dancing, there’s an activity for everyone in this town!

As a RMO I have received some of the best support working at Broome Health Campus. The supervisors here are all very generous with their time and are always willing to teach. I have had many opportunities to gain new skills and am always encouraged to take on greater responsibility that further enhances my learning. Scheduled junior doctor teaching occurs weekly and is open to everybody including med students, interns and RMOs. Frequent simulation sessions allow us to work together and consolidate our learning in an environment that is comfortable and stress-free.

I would strongly recommend Broome Health Campus to anyone interested in rural, remote, tropical and Aboriginal medicine. It has been a privilege to work alongside such a fantastic team for the past 12 months and I am really looking forward to my next year in the beautiful Kimberley.

Dr Gia Cavalieri

Photo: Dr Gia Cavalieri watching the Kimberley sunset

Last Updated: 22/11/2021