Dr David Forster, Kimberley Region

There is no doubt that being a Rural Generalist is the dream job.

Imagine learning a raft of knowledge and skills in anaesthetics, obstetrics, emergency medicine, paediatrics, public health, surgery, general medicine, retrieval medicine and more to equip you to care for rural and remote populations. Being placed in a health service where you practice these skills on a daily basis and feel integral to the community you’re living in. A job where you’re constantly in awe of your colleagues, bosses, and the multidisciplinary team with which you closely work, whom you see as close friends, and who possess complementary skills to keep your patients and community safe and well. It is a job in which you are challenged every day, where the work is varied and intriguing, yet supported by those you respect most. A job where you can go home proud of who you are and what you have achieved.

Imagine treating patients from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Where you are in the amazing position as a team to treat them all as equals, and provide the best level care to all. A population which brings you to ground, and teaches you about life and appreciation for the amazing country and culture around us. Having a deep connection to individuals and families through the passage of time and collective experiences, and the knowledge that you can help these people through some of the most challenging and also beautiful stages of their life.

Imagine living in the most inspiring regions of Australia. Not bounded by cities or tertiary centres, but having the confidence to be thousands of kilometres away from a capital city, instead relying on your skills, and those of fellow Rural Generalists. Where you and your family can enjoy a lifestyle of camping, fishing, horse riding, motorbike riding, exploring, or whatever you dream of. Where you live amongst likeminded colleagues who are never in competition, but can only benefit from getting along and staying together as a team.

This, in short, is the job of the Rural Generalist. It really is the dream job – for real 😊

David Forster Yehuda Levy and 'Gav-O the First'

Photo: David Forster, Yehuda Levy and ‘Gav-O the First’

Last Updated: 02/09/2022