Dr Chamika Arachchilage, Midwest Region

I am a former Resident Medical Officer transitioning into my new role as a Medical Registrar at Geraldton Health Campus and have absolutely enjoyed this experience. The role has encompassed many new tasks for me and it is an amazing learning opportunity. I am privileged to work with great colleagues and the support I have received from Geraldton Health Campus has allowed me to become a proficient practitioner, which is incredibly important.

I have always loved exploring WA; however, when I moved to Geraldton I was delighted by the Geraldton team and their involvement in patient care and the community. I was welcomed, supported and looked after in a fashion that doesn’t automatically happen in large urban hospitals. I love my lifestyle in Geraldton, and I am very much at home here. As for my colleagues, they are the most amazing group of people I have ever worked with.

Dr Arachchilage

Photo: Dr Arachchilage in front of the Geraldton Health Campus sign

Last Updated: 22/11/2021