Dr Ben McKernan, Kimberley Region

I’m an RMO employed at WACHS Kimberley, entering my second year based at Broome Health Campus. The hospital is an oasis for junior doctors; very well supported, with senior doctors well and truly going the extra mile to ensure JMO wellbeing and contributing to a strong culture of ongoing teaching and learning. There is a great mixture of facilitating autonomy whilst maintaining good oversight in the clinical environment. I have been provided with opportunities to cultivate a skillset across many domains, and I have felt supported in my aspiration to become a resourceful and resilient doctor.

The Kimberley is a vibrant and incredibly interesting region, with many beautiful places to visit and invaluable cultural experiences to be had. It is a fantastic place to live and work. I would recommend working in the Kimberley to anyone wanting to become a well-rounded doctor and individual.

Dr Ben McKernan

Photo: Dr Ben McKernan enjoying outside activities in the Kimberley

Last Updated: 22/11/2021