Dr Aiden Allen-Hall, Goldfields Region

The approach of assuming the worst pathology in every patient has never been truer than in the Kalgoorlie Emergency Department. Throw in numerous rural and remote transfers and the usual mix of medical patients, minor traumas and procedural work, and Kalgoorlie is the ideal place for anyone considering critical care or a rural generalist pathway. In particular, cut out the middle man (or woman), as there are no registrars in Kalgoorlie ED. You will be having direct contact with FACEMs for almost all your patients. It’s the best ED roster I’ve worked under and there are plenty of things to do on your down time, either in Kalgoorlie or within a few hours’ drive. You won’t regret an experience that is guaranteed to make you a better doctor.

Drs Aiden Allen-Hall and Rosanna Ramos

Photo: Dr Aidan Allen-Hall and Dr Rosanna Ramos

Last Updated: 22/11/2021